In 2009, Americans gave $303.75 billion to charity, according to the Giving USA Foundation. Those donations provided vital support to countless critical causes.

Whether they gave ten dollars – or ten thousand – the vast majority of these generous men and women have something in common: they responded to carefully crafted, compelling fundraising letters and emails that were specifically targeted to them and their like-minded peers.

The Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel® (ADRFCO) is the national association of agencies that specialize in the science – and art – of this unique and effective fundraising medium.

ADFRCO members are committed to promoting the highest ethical standards ... pursuing the best and most effective practices … and working toward sensible government regulations – that protect the public without creating costly, unnecessary burdens.

Every day, ADRFCO works to instill confidence in the public – and provide vital information to direct-response fundraising professionals all around the country.

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Robert Tigner, General Counsel

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